How To Be Like Izaya Orihara? Update

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How To Be Like Izaya Orihara
How To Be Like Izaya Orihara

What race is Izaya Orihara?

Race Level MP
Foreigner 55 172

Who does Izaya Orihara like?

Namie Yagiri

Namie is the only person Izaya has no problems sharing his plans with despite Namie’s indifference towards him. Regardless of their feelings toward each other, both Izaya and Namie seem to have grudgingly accepted the other as the closest they’ll get to normal human interaction.

Izaya Orihara is Awesome

Izaya Orihara is Awesome
Izaya Orihara is Awesome

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Izaya Orihara Is Awesome
Izaya Orihara Is Awesome

Is Izaya Orihara a villain?

Type of Villain

Izaya Orihara is a major antagonist in the light novel and anime series Durarara!!. He is introduced as the main antagonist, but later gives the spotlight to Jinnai Yodogiri and Kasane Kujiragi.

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What does Izaya Orihara wear?

His regular outfit consists of a black coat with brown fur lining that goes down to his hips, along with a plain black long sleeved v-neck, pants, and dark brown shoes. In the novels, he occasionally dons a longer version of his coat that reaches down to his ankles.

Is Izaya a psychopath?

He’s not a psychopath or anything of the sort. He’s a normal human with normal emotions and just simply hides them because he’s afraid.

How tall is Izaya?

My Rating
Height 175 cm (5’9″)
Birthday May 4
Affiliation Dollars
Family Torakichi Orihara (paternal grandfather) Natsu Orihara (paternal grandmother) Shirou Orihara (father) Kyouko Orihara (mother) Mairu and Kururi (younger sisters)

Does Izaya like Namie?

From Izaya’s point of view, he appears to be more or less indifferent towards Namie. He has stated that he views Namie as a horrible person and usually makes fun of her for her incestuous love for her brother. However, Izaya enjoys teasing people so these insults are likely a product of that enjoyment.

Does Izaya like Shizuo?

He decides to avoid everything that has the ability to break his heart and this might include his supposed love for Shizuo. One of the reasons why Izaya may have a ‘Shizuo complex’ could be due to jealousy. Izaya loves humans, yet humans don’t seem to be attracted to him. Whereas Shizuo easily attracts humans to him.

What is wrong with Izaya Orihara?

In the Izaya Orihara Spin-Off Series that take place after the incidents of its parent novel, it is shown that Izaya took a heavy hit after his fight with Shizuo. He is restricted to a wheelchair, although it is mentioned his inability to walk is more psychosomatic than due to actual injuries.

What did Izaya do to mikage?

While Mikage would make several attempts to get to know him better, Izaya treated her like another one of his pawns. Eventually, this infatuation would lead to Mikage taking the fall for an as of yet unspecified scandal which would force her to drop out of high school.

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10 Facts About Izaya Orihara That You Absolutely Must Know! (Durarara!!)

10 Facts About Izaya Orihara That You Absolutely Must Know! (Durarara!!)
10 Facts About Izaya Orihara That You Absolutely Must Know! (Durarara!!)

Images related to the topic10 Facts About Izaya Orihara That You Absolutely Must Know! (Durarara!!)

10 Facts About Izaya Orihara That You Absolutely Must Know! (Durarara!!)
10 Facts About Izaya Orihara That You Absolutely Must Know! (Durarara!!)

Is Izaya left handed?

Izaya is left-handed. Yes, this is something that has been already established, but it was never really a detail explicitly noticeable.

What kind of knife does Izaya have?

Trivia. Izaya’s knife in the first season resembles the real-world Spyderco Centofante 3. Izaya’s knife in the second season is a silver folding knife with a paraframe handle and a curved drop point that resembles a Gerber Paraframe I.

Can Izaya cook?

Izaya can’t cook much more than stews, soups, and hot pot. Rather than cooking, he tends to eat out at fancy restaurants. It seems Izaya’s wheelchair has some gimmicks including a feature which allows him to propel himself more quickly in case he needs to ‘run away’.

What does Orihara mean?

Orihara (written: 折原 lit. “opportunity field“) is a Japanese surname.

Does Varona like Shizuo?

Since then, she has developed a strong, almost obsessive, desire to challenge him in combat once again. However, due to Vorona’s naturally inquisitive nature, she also develops an interest in Shizuo as a person since he possesses many human and inhuman qualities.

How old is Izaya?

Izaya (DuRaRaRa!!)
Izaya (Normal) Izaya (Normal)
Current Age: 24
Birthday: May 4
Species: Human
Height: 5’9″

Are Izaya and Shizuo canon?

Canon. Ever since their meeting in high school, the two have hated each other, yet never leave the other alone. Izaya, despite living in Shinjuku, often goes to Ikebukuro for work, and is almost always caught by Shizuo.

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How old is Mikado Ryuugamine?

My Rating
Age 15 (at start)
Birthday March 21
Height 165cm (5’5)
Weight 50kg (110 Ibs)

Is Namie in love with Seiji?

Namie Yagiri

Namie bears a strong incestuous love for Seiji, born out of years of isolation and as such, makes frequent advances toward him when she gets the chance. However, Seiji simply cares for Namie as a normal sibling and greatly wishes for her to give up her criminal lifestyle for her own safety.

Act Like Izaya | Personality Subliminal

Act Like Izaya | Personality Subliminal
Act Like Izaya | Personality Subliminal

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Act Like Izaya | Personality Subliminal
Act Like Izaya | Personality Subliminal

Who has Celtys head?

Namie Yagiri (矢霧 波江, Yagiri Namie) is the former chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals who currently works as Izaya Orihara’s secretary and she possesses Celty Sturluson’s head before she is forced to hand it over to Izaya in exchange for protection.

Why does Mika have Celty’s head?

She proposes that Mika get plastic surgery to look like the head and to take memory altering drugs so that Seiji would love her. Mika agrees to the surgery and learns from Shinra that the head’s name is Celty and that she should use that name when talking to Seiji.

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